Wintersong (Wintersong #1) by S. Jae Jones

“A candle unused is nothing but wax and wick… I would rather light the flame, knowing it will go out, than sit forever in darkness.” 
This. Omg. This was the best stand alone book I have read in a while. (Assuming it is a stand-alone) Beautifully written and I could hardly put it down! Wonderful story that will be added to my collection someday! 
What I loved most about this story was the total originality of it. I also LOVED the integration of music. The author was obviously knowledgeable and it made me smile because of all of the memories it brought back of me learning about the exact pieces mentioned while pursuing my degree in music. 

In the end, I am so glad I just picked this up on a whim when I saw it at my local library! 


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