Im back!

Hello everyone!

Last year around the first of October, I left my page to spend more time with my family and wonderful boyfriend (Who is now a U.S. Marine! *swoon*) There was a lot going on at that time and I really wanted to be a part of it all.

Also, I felt like this blog became more of a job than a hobby. That was never my intention. So, for those of you who were around before, you will see a change in the style of my posts as well as the frequency. My page will change a little, but the purpose of it will be the same. All I ever really wanted was to share my love for books with others.

That being said, I will once again start posting about my recently read books! Hopefully, I will not fall into the same issue I had before, but will find the enjoyment of sharing my thoughts again.

Let me know if you are still around! Tell me some of your recent reads!

Stay tuned for new content!


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