The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Lewis Stevenson 

Rated: 5 out of 5

144 pages

Published: September 2, 2003

ISBN13: 9780451528957

Genre: Classic, Horror

Nightmare Level: Hoping my inner fat kid doesn’t come out and terrorize the neighborhood.
I don’t normally review classics because they can speak for themselves, but for the challenge, I chose three classics to read. (That I honestly should have read already anyway…) 
Jekyll and Hyde is one of those stories that everyone has heard of. Hollywood took it, put it on the big screen, and since then, the story has made cameo appearances in all sorts of media. 

Fun fact: there is even a musical based on the book called Jekyll and Hyde, music by Leslie Bricusse. This also happens to be one of my favorite musicals! Great music and I highly recommend it! 

This story has great characters. One of the main points of view is from the classic idea of a Victorian gentleman, Mr. Utterson. His point of view, a man in a time period who would have been seen as respectable, made the story seem more believable somehow. Of course, Jekyll narrates some of the story himself, which gives us, the readers, a chance to see inside his brilliantly chaotic mind. 

I didn’t really see this story as “scary” but I loved reading it and seeing what the idea of a horror novel would be in the time period it was written. The writing is so different from what we see normally these days. A more proper tone, grammar is exact, and the wording is perfect for bringing bringing out the horror of the story. So good! 

Such a great classic story of a man set on exploring the unknown and inevitably discovering his “dark side.” So much can be learned from reading the classics and this story was no exception! A must read for anyone who calls themselves well-read! 

Bye! 🙂  


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