Pet Sematary by Stephen King 

Rated: 5 out of 5

576 pages

Published: November 1, 2005

ISBN13: 9781416524342

Genre: Horror

Nightmare Level: I am now convinced that burying anything will create demons. 

When I started preparing for this challenge, I told myself I would only use three Stephen King novels (Otherwise I would just have 31 days of Stephen King). Well, this is number two! 

I decided to read this book for two reasons. One, I already owned it. Two, when I was talking to my mom about this challenge, she told me this book was one of her top 5 creepiest books. So I just had to read it! 

I really liked the reading the introduction where he explains how this book came to be. He also shares that several elements of the story are taken from real events that happened to his family. This made the book so much better! I can’t believe that this book was almost not published because, King says, he thought he went to far and stepped over the line. So glad it ended up being published anyway. 

From the very beginning, this book was so much better than Cujo. One of the main characters even mentioned a Saint Bernard going rabid down in another part of Maine. Made me chuckle a little. 

As is typical for Stephen King, in my little experience, the beginning was spent setting up the story and was a little slow at times. Then, WHAM! A death and the story never stops from there. 

It was obvious to me that the cat would die eventually. He’s on the cover…but Gage dying. Totally blindsided me. And let me tell you, that kid was creepy as hell after he came back. Then it was just more death everywhere he went. 

Skipping to the end. THE END. Holy crap it was good, but so unbelievable that he would end it right there! I was like, AH! SO CREEPY! I turned the page and it was over. I just sat there with my mouth open like a gaping fish for a minute, then I ran to the back of the house to discuss the book with mom. 

This is what a the hype about Stephen King comes from. A really great horror novel with all the right elements to keep the reader on edge. This book saved my opinion on his writing so I will continue to work my way through his books. May take me a while, but so far, it’s worth it!



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  1. I’m not a fan of Stephen King novels but I love most of the film adaptations of his work. Gage’s death was something.

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